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What's Taiko?

History of Taiko


The Birth of Taiko

Modern Taiko History

Taiko in Municipal Activities

Taiko in the United States

General Question

In the first place, what kinds of taiko are there?

Which part of taiko should I measure to know its size?

OK. Then, which size of taiko would fit me?

Shaku? Sun?? I don't know such Japanese words!

OK. Next, tell me about shime daiko!

It looks so heavy, isn't it? How heavy is it?

Huh. anyway, how do taiko makers make the body of the taiko?

Well then, what kind of wood is suitable for the body of the taiko?

Horse? Cow? Goat? What skin is the taiko head made of?

Mimi? I don't know such Japanese word! Hey! What's that?

How can I know the quality of the taiko head?

I'm katsugi oke player. What's the difference between the cowhide and the horsehide?

Hello. We want to start a taiko group but our budget is limited. What kinds of taiko should we buy first?

Hey. We want to form a taiko group with children. What kinds of taiko should we use?

I've heard there are some inexpensive taiko on the market. Why are they so cheap?

Yeah! I found an antique taiko in treasure house.

Storing and Handling

I got my own taiko at last...! What kind of place should I store it?

Oh, my god! My taiko got wet! What should I do?

Oops! My taiko's heads got mold !

Do I have to cover my taiko with a case?

Can I substitute a blanket for a taiko case?

How do I carry a taiko safely. Tell me!

Maintenance of Head

How long does the head last? What should I do for maintaining it?

Whoa! The heads of my taiko got loose. What should I do?

The heads of my taiko got loose after I left it under the flaming sun. Why!?

Bummer, the head of my taiko is tore.

Hey. The surface of the head split finely. Is something wrong?

Hello. I want to erase the graffiti written on the head.

How can I clean the dirt on the head?

Maintenance of Body

How long does the taiko body last? How should I maintain it?

Damn it! My taiko got a crack!

The body of my taiko wore out and its lacquer came off. What should I do?

Oh no! The edges of body got dents.

Kan (handle) got loose.

Byo (studs) rusted. Is it OK?

About Bachi

What's bachi?

How many types of bachi are there?

Like what shapes of bachi are there?

What materials of bachi are there?

I am a completely beginner of taiko. Please tell me how to hold bachi soon!

My playing technique is not so good. Others play better than me. What's the difference?

What's Shinobue?

General Question

To begin with, what is shinobue?

It's long name, isn't it? What does the word shinobue mean?


What's ohayashi?

2 Types of Shinobue


What's Choshi?

Ryo-on, Kan-on, and Dai-kan-on

Storing and Handling

How to keep shinobue in safe

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