[50% Off] Custom Name Print on Happi Coat

(Happi) Custom Name Print 50% OFF Campaign (~June 30)

May 23, 2019

(Happi) Custom Name Print 50% OFF Campaign (~June 30)

Summer will come soon! Summer is the best season to perform the taiko, isn't it? Why don't you change your costume to the custom-made one in this summer?

Custom Name Print on Happi:
Regular Price: 2500 JPY
Special Price: 1250 JPY (50%OFF) *By June 30th

Let's make your personalized happi coat with your name on it! 


It's Highly Recommended for 

  • Taiko player who wants to wear same happi coat to strengthen the bond with other team members
  • Taiko player who wants the audiences to remember his/her name and taiko group's name
  • Person who wants to give a lovely gift to their family members, friends, and partner
  • Person who wants to get personalized happi to reward himself/herself
  • Person who wants to liven up the event like opening event of Japanese shop

 Highly Recommended for Person Who

Custom Name Print Example

Custom name is printed on the collar on the both side of the happi coat. 



  • Enter the custom name you would like to print on happi in the text box when you place an order.
  • We print the name as you enter. Please enter uppercase and lowercase as you want to print. 
  • You can always ask us questions about Japanese if you want to print Japanese characters. 
  • Give us some days to make this before shipping! Usually, it takes about 14-50 business days to make custom name happi. 
  • The custom name print order increases in summer. We recommend you to place an order before summer comes. 


That's it. 

Please take advantage of this 50% off campaign! 

Find your favorite Happi and enjoy Happy summer :)

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