We sell a lot of the traditional Japanese costumes. There are various types both for male and female. For taiko costume, happi coat is the most popular. Tabi shoes are also indispensable. 

Muneate / Haragake

  • Muneate (aka haragake) is one of the apron-like Japanese traditional work clothing. 

Momohiki / Matahiki

  • Momohiki (aka matahiki) is one of the Japanese traditional work clothing. It is relatively tight but looks smart. 

Happi Coat

  • Happi coat is originally craftsman costume. It 's made to be loose and bigger than the body. It tightened by obi belt. There are some types of happi coat: standard one, long one, and sleeveless one. 


  • Kimono is the most popular Japanese traditional costume for women. It's beautifully dyed and has Japanese taste design. 


  • Yukata is one of the Japanese costumes and worn in Summer. When Japanese go to see summer festivals and firework display, they often wear yukata. 


  • Samue is one of the Japanese work clothing. It is originally worn by zen school priests. It is now worn by common people. 


  • Jinbei is one of the relaxing Japanese work clothing with half sleeves and half pants. In hot and humid Japanese summer, it is breathable and comfortable. 

Tabi Shoes

  • Tabi shoes are Japanese two-fingers shoes, which are known as ninja shoes / boots. Not only ninja but also common people and warriors wear tabi. There are tabi for indoor and outdoor. Outdoor tabi is called jikatabi. Or, It is worn with setta. 

Setta / Zouri / Geta Sandals

  • They are the Japanese traditional sandals. 


  • Tekkou is the Japanese traditional wrist band. It is worn in order to prevent the wrist from the damages and sunburn. 


  • Japanese headband. Nejiri hachimaki (twisted hachimaki) is one of the popular types. 

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