Other Taiko – Taiko

A variety of taiko drums are used for various purposes and occasions. Let's make your performance more fun with various kinds of taiko drums! 

Hirado Daiko: It has shorter body part compared to nagado daiko. It's often seen at Japanese temple. For taiko performance, it's played instead of nagado daiko. 

Okedo Daiko: Oke means tub in Japanese. Okedo daiko has the body constructed with wood board like tub. The sounds are relatively soft and sometimes played instead of nagado daiko. 

Uchiwa Daiko: Uchiwa means a fan in Japanese and uchiwa daiko looks like a Japanese fan. It's been played with Buddhism chants, but now, sometimes it's incorporated in taiko performance. 

Eisa Daiko: Eisa is Okinawan music and dance originally started as a memorial service for an ancestor. In eisa, odaiko, shime daiko, and paranku are played. Unlike other Japanese drums, eisa drums are light and not so hard. 

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