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Popular Japanese bamboo end-blown flute, shakuhachi. The shape looks like quena of the Andes and xiao of the China. The shakuhachi was named after its length. Although there are a variety of shakuhachi in length from 1 shaku 1 sun to 2 shaku 4 sun, general shakuhachi has 1 shaku 8 sun (pronounced as isshaku hachi sun) in length. It produces 2 and a half octave sounds with high overtone. It requires techniques and practice time to play well. The profundity of shakuhachi is known as a saying "Kubifuri Sannen Koro Hachinen (it takes 3 years to be able to shake head well and takes 8 years to produce beautiful sounds, which sound korokoro)". To play shakuhachi well, the angle of mouth and blow hole (utaguchi) is important. Looking back at the history, it was originally transmitted from the Asia continent to Japan as one of the court music instruments. But, it was unlisted later and komuso (priests of fuke shu, one of the zen sects) played it for their religious training. In the modern era, it became one of the instruments of sankyoku with koto and shamisen. Nowadays, it becomes popular more and more throughout the world. There are many famous shakuhachi artists all over the world. It is one of the most popular Japanese instruments as well as taiko and shamisen. Usually, shamisen costs more than 300,000 JPY but we also sell reasonable shakuhachi called yuu that costs less than 100,000 JPY. We sell shakuhachi dvd to instruct how to play it, too. 

Shakuhachi Fingering Chart