Taiko Drums

We have a wide range of taiko drums. There are some types and qualities of taiko drums. Deep and low sounds are produced by taiko called nagado daiko and odaiko. On the other hand, high-pitch sounds are produced by taiko called shime daiko. The players even play the taiko carried with shoulder strap.

  • Nagado Daiko: The most popular type of taiko, which makes thunderous loud sounds. The best material is keyaki wood, Japanese zelkova, which has the most beautiful wood grain and makes deep and low sounds. 
  • Shime Daiko: Essential taiko for taiko performance. So it produces high-pitch sounds, it often plays the base rhythm. 
  • Hirado Daiko: It has shorter body part compared to nagado daiko. It's often seen at Japanese temple. For taiko performance, it's played instead of nagado daiko. 
  • Okedo Daiko: Oke means tub in Japanese. Okedo daiko has the body constructed with wood board like tub. The sounds are relatively soft and sometimes played instead of nagado daiko. 
  • Katsugi Oke Daiko: Katsugi oke daiko is one of the tyepes of okedo daiko. It's light and hung from player's shoulder because it is made of thinner and lighter drum head than okedo daiko. 

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