[Discount for Bulk Order] Tabi Air Insole (6 clasps) 500 JPY OFF For Each

Shipping & Tax


Shipping Option Shipping Option

Shipping cost is changed according to the shipping address and the volume weight of the package. We ship the order safely and quickly at reasonable price with the following shipping options.

FedEx International Economy

DHL Express Worldwide


Zone and Shipping Cost Zone & Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost :



Order Processing Time Order Processing Time

Order processing time is the estimated days which would take before shipping the order. For some items, we need to make from scratch or order the maker. It is noted on the each product page. We are sorry but please give us time to prepare the order.


Custom Duties Custom Duty & Tax

Custom duties and taxes may be imposed on shipping items from Japan to your country. Usually, they depend on the destination country's tariff system, value of the items, the shipping, and the insurance. Please note that all custom duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customers.

Because the custom rate varies according to the country and it changes occasionally, we cannot notice the customers the rate and the amount.

Please inquire your country's custom if custom duties and taxes are imposed or not. Some countries have tax-exemption based on the value of the items. 

Ex) United States: Free of duties and taxes with the value under $200 (possibly, $800) *As noted above, the custom rate changes occasionally. Just in case, we recommend you to research in advance. 

If you have a FedEx account, FedEx Global Trade Manager helps you to understand how much custom duties and taxes would be imposed. Go to Estimate Duties and Taxes page and input shipment information and product information to get estimate. 


Domestic Delivery Truck Domestic Delivery

If the shipping address is in Japan, the domestic delivery price is applied. We offer the free shipping with more than 30,000 JPY purchase.

Sagawa Express

If you don't have any shipping address in Japan, the international forwarding services are also available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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