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Pre-Spring Sale 2018

It comes to be this season this year too. We are proud to announce that our biggest sale, Spring Sale is coming soon! First, we start with this Pre-Spring Sale 2018, which has a lot of value products hugely priced down! The number of the sale items is strictly limited. Don't miss it! 

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Pre-Spring Sale 2018 Cover Photo

Less Than Half Price

Nagado Daiko Nozomi Set

Advance Purchase Discount
Get Taiko, stand, and bachi just 50,000JPY

30% OFF

Reasonable Taiko Sets

Odaiko, nagado daiko, and okedo daiko
with the stands

Only 1 Left

Horsehide Katsugi Oke Daiko

rare horsehide katsugi oke
case, strap, bachi set

50,000 JPY Taiko Set
Taiko & Stand Sets 30% Off
Pre-Spring Sale Odaiko
Pre-Spring Sale Horsehide Katsugi Oke Daiko

Nagado Daiko Nozomi Set

By February 28. 100 Sets Limited. Hurry!
Less than half price!
A Never-Ever Crazy Price Set with a stand and a pair of bachi! 

Please note that the shipping from Japan will be April or May.

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