Japanese Design Bachi Holder

Bachi Holder With Japanese Patterns

There are four colors (designs) which suit color of taiko and stand. It's made of same material of the tatami heri (Hem of the Japanese soft rush mat). You can hung this on taiko and stand while playing. Put your spare bachi into it. There are three holes to pass a string through. The length of this can be adjusted by holes which a string is passed. That is, players can adjust the length of this bachi holder according to their bachi's length and playing style. So it has strings on the both ends, it is easy to use for yoko uchi (side hitting like hachijo) and naname uchi (slant style like bon daiko).

Usage Example
Usage Example of Bachi Holder

Color: Green
Light Green
Dark Green
Width: 12cm (About 5in)
Length: 45cm (About 18in)
Order Processing Time: About 2-14 Business Days

Collections: All, Best Sellers, Taiko Bachi, Taiko Drums

Category: Bachi-Other

Type: Taiko


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