Best Quality Bolt Jime Shime Daiko

The Best Quality Shime Daiko

Made of keyaki (zelkova) wood and genuine cowhide. The best quality shime daiko is made of the excellent keyaki wood and strictly-selected genuine cowhide. The sound produced is deep and sharp.

Shime daiko produces loud and high-pitch sounds, which is as loud as sounds produced by nagado daiko. To play with many taiko drums, the bigger size is highly recommended. This is the bolt tensioned (bolt jime) shime daiko.

Body: Keyaki (Japanese Zelkova) Wood
Skin: Genuine Japanese Cowhide
Size: 2 cho-gake Height: 6sun (About 18cm) (About 7in)
Head Diameter: About 36cm (About 14in)
Size: 3 cho-gake Height: 7sun (About 21cm) (About 8in)
Head Diameter: About 36cm (About 14in)
Size: 4 cho-gake Height: 7sun (About 21cm) (About 8in)
Order Processing Time: About 14-60 Business Days

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Category: Taiko

Type: Taiko


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