Gorosu Daiko

Chindon Street Musician Drum

Chindon'ya is marching band who often advertises for the opening of shop with fan music near the shop. Gorosu is a taiko used in chindon performance and the band consists of chindon daiko player, wind instrument player, and gorosu daiko player. Body is made of light wood and it is carried by a strap like katsugi oke daiko. Drumhead is made of thin horsehide and sounds like drums of drum kit. The Head Diameters is 1.6 shaku: About 48cm (About 19in). A bachi comes with it.

Contents: Taiko
Size: 1.6 shaku Head Diameter: ⌀About 48cm (⌀About 19in)
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days

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Category: Taiko

Type: Taiko


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