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Kanade no Tabiji (Score)

Relaxing Kazuya Sato's Second CD

  • Sheet Music of Kazuya Sato's Second Album, Kanade no Tabiji
  • CD is Sold Separately
  • Order Processing Time: About 3-14 Business Days
  • Contents:
  • Kodama no Odori (Dance of Echo) / 6 hon choshi (B flat)
  • Fumi to Furin (Letter and Wind Bell) / 6 hon choshi (B flat)
  • Soufuu (Blue Wind) / 3 hon choshi (G)
  • Tokiiro no Hanabira(Petal of Cupid Color) / 6 hon choshi (B flat)
  • Kiro no Yuyake (Sunset of Hormward) / 3 hon choshi (G)


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