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Learn To Play The Shinobue (Book)

World-First Shinobue Instructional Book In English!

It was difficult for person who don't speak Japanese to learn shinobue easily because there were only shinobue books written in Japanese so far. This is an eagerly-awaited book written in English. Mr. Marco Lienhard is one of the greatest players of the fue (Japanese flute) and other Japanese musical instruments, who has dedicated his life over 35 years to them. This book is a full of technique and knowledge about shinobue and you can learn the essence of this instrument rightly by author's detailed words and images. It's not too much to say that this book might be equal to face-to face shinobue lessons. You don't need any background knowledge and experience about shinobue because you can learn everything easily from how to place the fingers and types of fues to useful playing techniques and maintenance. Of course, fingering chart and a lot of scores are included. This shinobue book will lead you to the fun and profound shinobue world.  

[Synopsis by Author]

This new Method to learn the Shinobue was put together through the years. There was a great demand of a book in English and at workshops I would teach, I would always be asked about books on the Shinobue. There are a few in Japanese but nothing seemed to have been translated. I decided to write this book with the advice from fellow flute players teachers . I wanted to created something that would help players at different levels of their study. From beginners to advanced I think you will something to work on or learn. I have included several folk songs as well as original songs that I have composed. I hope that you will enjoy learning from it.

I will within this year 2018 record the songs for those who are having difficulty reading the music or visualizing the song- it will also give you an idea on how it is supposed to be played. There is a link in the book and you can always check

Some of the original songs at the end of the book ha e been recorded and we available through iTunes or 

They are included in Taikoza cd or Marco Lienhard CD

Author Marco Lienhard

Author:  Marco Lienhard
Language: English
Pages: 84 Pages
Shinobue Used: Uta
8 Hon Choshi (C)
Ganre: Shinobue
Basic Knowledge and Technique
Learning Shinobue Pieces
  • Foreword
  • My discovery of the Japanese bamboo flutes
  • Learn to play the Fue
  • Symbols used in scores
  • Fingering Chart
  • Scores
  • About the Author
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