Maple Shakuhachi

Wooden Shakuhachi of Various Length and 2 Schools

Shakuhachi is one of Japanese bamboo flute. The name of shakuhachi derives from its size, 1.8 shaku. It has five holes and a range of two octaves. It can be divided into two parts (1~1.2 shaku cannot be divided). There are various key of the shakuhachi but 1.8 shaku is the most popular.


There are 2 major schools, Kinko and Tozan. In terms of the shakuhachi made for both schools .The sound is same but the shape of the blow hole is different.


Kinko has a triangle shaped blow hole. On the other hand, Tozan has a semicircle shaped blow hole.

In addition, the playing method and the score are different according to the schools. Kinko school has longer history and regarded as good for the traditional pieces. Tozan school is the most popular schools.

Material: Maple
School: Kinko
Key: 1 shaku: A#
1.1 shaku: A
1.2 shaku: G#
1.3 shaku: G
1.4 shaku: F#
1.5 shaku: F
1.6 shaku: E
1.7 shaku: D#
1.8 shaku: D
1.9 shaku: C#
2 shaku: C
2.1 shaku: B
2.2 shaku: A#
2.3 shaku: A
Length: 1 shaku: 30cm (About 12 in)
1.1 shaku: 33cm (About 13 in)
1.2 shaku: 36cm (About 14 in)
1.3 shaku: 39cm (About 16 in)
1.4 shaku: 42cm (About 17 in)
1.5 shaku: 45cm (About 18 in)
1.6 shaku: 48cm (About 19 in)
1.7 shaku: 51cm (About 20 in)
1.8 shaku: 54cm (About 21 in)
1.9 shaku: 57cm (About 23 in)
2 shaku: 60cm (About 24 in)
2.1 shaku: 63cm (About 25 in)
2.2 shaku: 66cm (About 26 in)
2.3 shaku: 69cm (About 27 in)
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days


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