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Michinoku (Score)

Special Taiko Piece For Tohoku Recover From Earthquake & Tsunami

Taiko piece, Michinoku is a pray for Japan Taiko piece encouraging victims of Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. A word, Michinoku has referred to Tohoku area from the old era. A part of sales is donated to Aoi Koinobori Project. This piece is played in Aoi Koinobori Project.

Aoi Koinobori Project gives comfort to victims, especially children. Every May 5th is the children's day in Japan. We make koinobori (carp streamer: carp-shaped wind socks) fly in the sky to pray for the children's healthy growth (In the Chinese legendary story, carp becomes dragon after climbing up the waterfall called ryumon. That's why, it is the symbol of success and growth). A high school student in Tohoku lost his younger brother by Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. He found a blue koinobori in a heap of rubble and heard his younger brother's voice. It said "fly my koinobori in the sky in this year, too". He flew four koinobori in that year and they looked really happy. He asked people to fly blue koinobori in the peaceful sky and give him blue koinobori if they have useless koinobori, and he fly a lot of blue koinobori in the sky to let children who passed away by the earthquake and tsunami not feel lonely.

Chu Daiko & Katsugi Oke Part: Easy to play even for beginners with three rythms.
Odaiko Part: Odaiko is often played set on the yagura stand or the stand for upright playing style.
Shime Daiko Part: Shime daiko part is fast on the whole. It is relatively difficult part including a lot of sixteenth-notes and rest.
Melody Part: Melody part can be played by various instruments. Melody of furusato is used in intro part.
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