Minikko Sitting Set

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Taiko For Children and Practice. Sitting Type.

Minikko is a popular 1.1 shaku sized hirado daiko set with a stand and a pair of bachi for children. Minikko sitting set is one of the variations of the minikko set. What's the difference is the stand comes with it. It comes with the stand for low position.You can play the taiko while sitting in the house.Body is made of natural wood and skin is genuine cowhide. stand is low position stand suited for 1.1 shaku hirado daiko. The height is appropriate length for children. Even if you are adult, you can use it for practice.

Body: Natural Wood
Skin: Genuine Cowhide
Diameter of Head 33 cm (13in )
Size 1.1 shaku
Contents Taiko
Low Position Stand
A Pair of Bachi
Order Processing Time: About 7-60 Business Days

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  • How tall is stand and drum together? どのように背が高く、一緒にドラムですか? Dono yō ni se ga takaku, issho ni doramudesu ka?

    The height of taiko set on the stand is about 58cm.