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Nagado Daiko Eco

Eco Friendly Nagado Daiko Made of Bamboo

Made of combined bamboo chips. Nagado daiko eco (previously known as takenoko) is the world first bamboo-made nagado daiko. Recently, material wood for nagado daiko is becoming less. It takes more than hundreds of years to grow the tree. On the other hand, bamboo grows sooner than other kinds of the tree. 

What do you think about the durability of the bamboo? Because it's constructed by many bamboo chips assembled firmly, it has hard and durable body (it is close to iron for tensile strength). Also, it looks beautiful with the randomly combined bamboo chips.  Bamboo taiko can be said the new type of taiko for the sustainable society.

  • Environment‐Friendly
  • Beautiful and Durable Body
  • Made of Take (Bamboo)
  • Body Type: Shusei (Stave Shell)
  • Skin: Genuine Cowhide
  • Plate / Handle: Standard / Metal
  • 1.3 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 39cm (⌀About 16in) / Height: About 49cm (About 19in) / Weight: About 16kg (About 35lb)
  • 1.4 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 42cm (⌀About 17in) / Height: About 53cm (About 21in) / Weight: About 18kg (About 40lb)
  • 1.5 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 45cm (⌀About 18in) / Height: About 56cm (About 22in) / 
    Weight: About 20kg (About 44lb)
  • 1.6 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 48cm (⌀About 19in) / Height: About 60cm (About 24in) / 
    Weight: About 22kg (About 49lb)
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days


Ask a Question
  • Is it used and how tall is it?

    Thank you for inquiring. 

    It's brand-new one and the height is different according to the taiko size. 
    Height of nagado daiko is generally calculated by multiplying diameter of head by 1.25.

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