Nagado Fiber Case with Wheels

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Hard & Light Case For Nagado Daiko

Fiber case is harder than soft case but light and durable. If your taiko might be treated badly by someone (imagine that your luggage is thrown by conveyor belt and staff in airport. ), we recommend you to use fiber case. It is lift off lid design and locks main part and lid with belt. It has handle on the middle and wheels on the bottom. There are some sizes from 1.1 shaku to 2 shaku.

Material: Fiber
Inner Diameter of Head 1.1 shaku: 42cm (About 17in)
1.2 shaku: 48cm (About 19in)
1.3 shaku: 50cm (About 20in)
1.4 shaku: 55cm (About 22in)
1.5 shaku: 58cm (About 23in)
1.6 shaku: 61cm (About 24in)
1.7 shaku: 65cm (About 26in)
1.8 shaku: 68cm (About 27in)
1.9 shaku: 72cm (About 28in)
2 shaku: 77cm (About 30in)
Height 1.1 shaku: 43cm (About 17in)
1.2 shaku: 47cm (About 19in)
1.3 shaku: 50cm (About 20in)
1.4 shaku: 53cm (About 21in)
1.5 shaku: 57cm (About 22in)
1.6 shaku: 60cm (About 24in)
1.7 shaku: 64cm (About 25in)
1.8 shaku: 66cm (About 26in)
1.9 shaku: 70cm (About 28in)
2 shaku: 75cm (About 30in)
Order Processing Time: About 30-60 Business Days

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