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Shakuhachi Shinzan Highly Selected by Mr. Genzan Miyoshi

For Shakuhachi Intermediate and Advanced Players

Excellent shakuhachi selected by professional shakuhachi player in Japan.

About Mr. Genzan Miyoshi
Genzan Miyoshi

Born in Tanabe town, Kyoto in 1944.
Apprenticedwith Shunzan Tomi of Tozan school at 12 years old. In 1965, he introduced himself as Genzan. He became daishihan (grand master) in 1971 and became chikurinken (the best grade of shakuhachi) in 1983.

He have achieved a lot of his shakuhachi performance and been invited Germany, France, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, and more. Not just to succeed Japanese culture, he seek for the possibility of shakuhachi with other genres of music.

About Shakuhachi Shinzan

Learned shakuhachi making techniques from famous shakuhachi craftsman, Mr. Shikusen Tamai. He started shakuhachi making with his brand name and became the top shakuhachi craftsman as the most of shakuhachi players including Hozan Yamamoto (living national treasure) play his shakuhachi. The shakuhachi shinzan enables the players to produce warm and unique bamboo sounds that the bamboo originally have. Especially, the low pitch sounds are the best.

That's excellent shakuhachi selected by the excellent player! According to the customer's budget, Mr. Genzan Miyoshi selects the best shakuhachi.

Material: Bamboo
Length: 1.8 shaku (54cm, 21in)
Contents: Shakuhachi
Craftsman: Shinzan Nagahiro
Selected by: Genzan Miyoshi
Order Processing Time: About 7-60 Business Days

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