Tsugaru Shamisen Set

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Perfect Sets Of Tsugaru Jamisen. Choose Best One Accordint To Your Level.

Beginner set is one of shamisen starter kits. Unlike special set, it has azuma sawari. Shamisen is one of the essential instruments in Japanese traditional music. The history of shamisen can go back to Muromachi period (AD1336-1573). It was originally Chinese instrument called sanxian, and then, sanxian was introduced to Okinawa and changed into sanshin. The beginningof shamisen is when a sailor brought sanshin back to Osaka for a lute priest. Shamisen has been used in many Japanese music so far. It has three strings as its name suggests (sanxian, sanshin, shamisen mean three strings. the word of san means three).Though there are various types of shamisen, tsugaru shamisen (tsugaru-jamisen) is one of the famous types of shamisen. It plays faster rhythms than other types of shamisen and has more percussion-like playing styles. It is played as both solo-instrument and accompaniment for fork song.

Length: About 102cm (About 40in)
Weight: About 2.7kg (5.9lb)
Material (neck): Chinese Quince, Nobezao Type, No Azuma Sawari (Special Set)
Chinese Quince, Nobezao (Beginner)
Chinese Quince, Mitsuorisao Type (Popular, Intermediate)
Red sandalwood (Advanced)
Material (Body): Chinese Quince
Material (peg): Ebony
Material (skin): Synthetic Leather (Special, Beginner, Popular)
Dog Skin (Intermediate, Advanced)
Material (first string and second string): Silk
Material (third string): Nylon
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  • Is this an ST2 or ST3?

    Beginner set is ST2 and popular set is ST3. 

    Thank you.

  • Hello! Does the Special Set come with accessories?

    Accessories of special set:
    Neck cover 天神袋
    Slip guard 胴掛
    String for slip guard 胴掛ひも
    Plectrum バチ(ネリ)サヤ付き
    Finger suck 指掛
    Rubber 張りゴム
    Bridge 駒
    Bridge case 駒入れ
    Additional string 予備糸(ナイロン3)1本
    Textbook (in Japanese)入門書

  • A shamisen of the beginner set is one piece instrument ie there is a one piece neck (no a two part neck) fixed in the body? Thanks.

    Special Set and Beginner Set are nobezao type, which is impossible to separate neck and body. 
    Others are mitsuorisao type, that can be separated with three parts.