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      Book & Score

      Info Check our books and scores of the Japanese musical instruments. There are a variety of the easy and useful book & score written in Japanese. We are sorry but they might be a bit difficult for person who don't speak Japanese. Some scores are written by the number notation and the staff notation. Blog

       Genre Product Name Description
      Taiko Michinoku This a piece for the great east earthquake and tsunami occurred in 2011. It has passed more than 6 years since then. We play this piece every year not to forget the disaster. We do appreciate if your group play this piece together in your country. 
      Shinobue Kano's Let's Play Shinobue This DVD has high reputation for every shinobue players. Former Kodo member, Yasukazu Kano is one of the top shinobue players in Japan. His detailed explanation about the way of the mind and body motion help you to gain the fundamental skill to play shinobue. The audio and writing are in Japanese but it has some scores of shinobue piece. 
      Shinobue Easy Shinobue Playing Method and Japanese Famous Pieces This series has a lot of the shinobue scores for each level. You can choose "only book" or "book with cd" but we recommend "book with cd" because you can learn the expression played by the shinobue player and it's useful for you to play shinobue well. 
      Shinobue Shinobue Karaoke Dojo This series is produced by Tatara Toki, one of the top shinobue players in Japan. This cd includes various Japanese popular songs edited as you can play shinobue with karaoke version. Small score comes with it. 
      Gagaku Hajimete no Gagaku This is very easy to know about gagaku and you. It is written in Japanese but very good for the beginners.  
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