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Taiko Stand

Taiko players change the taiko stand depending on the kind of the taiko, the size , and the playing style. We have a variety of taiko stands for various taiko and playing style. For custom-made stand, please feel free to contact us. 

  • Square Stand / Cross Stand: Used for nagado daiko for fuse uchi style, which sets the taiko upright. It's the most popular stand and playing style. 
  • X Stand / Yagura Stand: Used for nagado daiko for hachijo style, which sets the taiko at high position. Especially, taiko set on these stands stands out at the performance. 
  • Inclined Stand: Used for nagado daiko for naname style, which sets the taiko tilted. This playing style is popular among taiko players in the North America. Originally, this playing style is often seen as taiko for summer dance. 
  • Miyake & Yatai Stand: Used for nagado daiko for miyake style and yatai style. In Miyake style, the taiko is set horizontally on the low position. In yatai style, the taiko is tilted and played at sitting position holding by player's foot. 
  • Adjustable X Stand: Used for nagado daiko for various playing styles. Many angles are available by changing the place to hold with bolt and nut.