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      Shakuhachi (Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flute)

      Info Shakuhachi for sale. Shakuhachi is one of the popular Japanese musical instruments. It's made of bamboo and looks like quena of the Andes and xiao of the China. It produces 2 and a half octave sounds with high overtone.  Blog

      Material Description
      Plastic Reasonable and durable material for beginners
      Bamboo Original material of shakuhachi
      Maple A bit hard and heavy material with silky gloss
      Karin (Chinese Quince) Hard and heavy material with beautiful gloss
      Zelkova A bit hard and heavy material with good moisture resistance
      Rosewood Reddish purple brown hard material with luxurious looks
      Rockspray The older the material is, the closer to black the color is
      Western Rosewood Wooden wind instrument taste material with stylish pattern 
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