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      Gagaku (Japanese Court Music)

      Info Gagaku is Japanese court music developed with Japanese original ancient music and foreign music transmitted from old Asian countries. So it's been completed around 10th century, it's said that it is the best and oldest classical performing arts in the world.  Roughly divided, there are two types of gagaku pieces, tohgaku and komagaku. Blog

      Type Name Description
      Wind Ryuteki Transverse flute for tohgaku
      Wind Komabue Transverse flute for komagaku
      Wind Kagurabue Transverse flute for kagurauta
      Wind Sho Free-reed flute made of 17 thin bamboo pipes
      Wind Hichiriki Double-reed flute that produces loud sound
      String Gaku Biwa Biwa for gagaku
      String Gakuso 13 strings koto for gagaku
      String Wagon 6 strings ancient koto for gagaku
      Percussion Gaku Daiko Flat drum hung from the stand for gagaku
      Percussion Dadaiko (Kaen Daiko) Huge drums decorated with flame-shaped flame
      Percussion Shouko Small gong hung from the stand for gagaku
      Percussion Kakko Small drum played with sticks for tohgaku
      Percussion Sannotsuzumi Small drum played with a stick for komagaku
      Percussion Shakubyoshi Wooden percussion made of two titual baton
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