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Noh theater (noh drama) is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts. It has more than 600 years history since it was under the support of the shogun (general) at that time. Also, it was the ceremonial performing arts of the Tokugawa shogunate, which rules over Japan for more than 250 years. Noh is called nohgaku with kyogen. In noh theater, actors play the role of supernatural characters like ghost and demon. On the other hand, actors play the role of people in the reality like master and servant. Both are performed one by one at the same theater. 

Tsuzumi: There are kotsuzumi and otsuzumi. Kotsuzumi makes beautiful sounds and otsuzumi makes high pitch and sharp sounds. Kotsuzumi players hold kotsuzumi on their right shoulder with left hand and strike it with right hand. Otsuzumi players hold otsuzumi on the left thigh with left hand and strike it with right hand. 

Shime Daiko: Shime daiko is tuned by hemp rope. The players play it with stick and the sounds are relatively soft.  

Nohkan: Nohkan is the most expensive Japanese flute. It is intentionally made to sound crazy pitch. A smaller tube is put into the flute and it makes typical high pitch sounds. Decorating with binding and painting, it looks great on the stage. 

Nohmen: Noh actors put on Japanese mask called nohmen, crafted by hand one by one.