Odaiko means big taiko in Japanese. Feel the tremendous sounds and reverberation. 

  • Odaiko (Nagado Odaiko): We call nagado daiko bigger than 2 shaku odaiko (nagado odaiko). It's difficult to make the most of odaiko sounds unless the player strikes one skin and vibrates another skin with the skill.  
  • Ojime Daiko: Huge okedo daiko (shime daiko) is called ojime daiko. It also requires the player's skill to make the best sounds. It is relatively lighter and costs lower compared to nagado odaiko. Imagine that this taiko is set on the center of the stage, no other taiko looks powerful than this. 
  • Ohira Daiko: Huge hirado daiko is called ohira daiko. Because it has shorter body than nagado odaiko does, it's easier to make the odaiko sounds. Also, it can be played in two ways: one is yagura uchi (set on the tower shaped stand) and another is fuse/beta uchi (set on the t-shaped stand or three logs stand (so called, zo-ashi, which means elephant foot) horizontally with the ground). 

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