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      Tabi (Ninja Shoes & Boots)

      Info Tabi (ninja shoes) is traditionally worn by workers and festival people in Japan and a type called jika-tabi (ground tabi) is popular among many people. Blog

      Name Description
      Tabi Air-Insole V Comfortable and durable tabi with air cushion inside
      Tabi Air-Insole III High quality slip-resistant tabi with simple looks
      Kurashikiya Tabi Saiki Stylish and comfortable tabi with shock absorption
      Kurashikiya Tabi Saibu Comfortable tabi with barefoot feeling
      Kurashikiya Tabi Saisui Stylish tabi with simple looks and air cushion
      Saisou Fastener Easy-to-wear zipper type tabi with shock absorbing cushion
      Matsuri Air Sewn Comfortable tabi with thin sole sewn on upper part
      Matsuri Jog Tabi Comfortable tabi with curly toe and heel
      Sports Jog II Casual tabi shaped sneakers good for sports and exercise
      Tabo Rela Casual tabi shoes for daily life and travel
      hitoe Sports tabi shoes for running and exercise
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