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There are various cd and dvd of the Japanese musical instruments. From our original instructional dvd to the concert dvd of the professional players. If your group wants to play more taiko pieces, please add them into it. 


  • Introduction DVD
  • Instructional DVD
  • Concert DVD

Introduction DVD

  • Introduction to Wadaiko Complete: You can get the basic of the taiko. English audio and caption are available. 
  • Introduction to Katsugi Oke Daiko & Yugi: Katsugi oke daiko is becoming popular. This dvd features the basic of katsugi oke daiko and learn one katsugi oke piece, Yugi. 

Instructional DVD

  • For Beginner: Ryujin Daiko & Honen Daiko, Buchiawase Daiko & Matsuri Daiko, Seiryu Nobori Uchi & Kagaribi Daiko, Umi no Matsuri
  • For Intermediate: Arashiyama Daiko & Ujigawa Daiko, Tenkoro Daiko, Together, Kaikatsu, Hanashoubu
  • For Advanced: Yatai Bayashi & Choshi Haya Uchi, Himatsuri & Miyake Daiko


  • Kano's Let's Play Shinobue: Recommended for every shinobue players in beginner level. You'll learn the basic of the shinobue playing. 


  • Ryutaro Kaneko Original Chappa Technique: Recommended for person who tries chappa. You'll learn the basic skill and the expression by the professional player. 


  • Shamisen, Biwa, Nohkan, Gagaku, Naruko, Eisa, and so on...

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