Shime Daiko

We have a wide range of shime daiko. Shime daiko is a general term for taiko drums fastened by rope and bolt. For taiko performance, taiko called tsukeshime daiko is often used. Tsukeshime daiko produces loud and high-pitch sounds, which is as loud as sounds produced by nagado daiko.

  • Rope Jime: Shime daiko tuned by rope. it is the traditional look of shime daiko. 
  • Bolt Jime: Shime daiko tuned by bolt and nut. It is easy to tighten and loosen shime daiko. Shime daiko needs to be loosened after use. 
  • Turnbuckle Jime: Turnbuckle is easier to tighten and loosen than bolt jime. 

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