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Taiko Stand

Cross Stand

 2 Settings Durable Compact Easy to Carry
2-way Settings Hard & Durable Compact Easy to Move


2 Way Taiko Stand With Wheels

  • For Nagado Daiko and Okedo Daiko
  • Horizontal Setting and Tilted Setting
  • Changing Setting Style Easily by Changing Step Set on the Drum
  • Space Saving by Taking it Apart
  • Easy to Move Short Distance with Four Wheels
  • Made of Buna (Beech)
  • For 1.3 shaku: Dimensions: A: 13cm (About 5in) / B: 18cm (About 7in) / C: 34cm (About 13in) / Weight: About 2.7kg (About 6lb)
  • 1.4 shaku: Dimensions: A: 13cm (About 5in) / B: 19cm (About 8in) / C: 36cm (About 14in) / Weight: About 2.8kg (About 6lb)
  • For 1.5 shaku: Dimensions: A: 13cm (About 5in) / B: 18cm (About 7in) / C: 40cm (About 16in) / Weight: About 3.0kg (About 7lb)
  • For 1.6 shaku: Dimensions: A: 13cm (About 5in) / B: 19cm (About 8in) / C: 42cm (About 17in) / Weight: About 3.1kg (About 7lb)
  • Taiko is Sold Separately
  • Product Image: Cross Stand for 1.5 shaku & 1.5 shaku Nagado Daiko & 175cm Tall Man
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days
  • Order Processing Time: About 60-120 Business Days (For 1.7 shaku or Bigger)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do you make this in a size for a nagado taiko with a 22 inch drum head?

    If it is a nagado daiko with 22 inch drum head in a maximum diameter, a cross stand for 1.9 shaku is recommended.

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