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12 Pairs Hinoki Bachi

12 Pairs of Bachi Made of Hinoki (Cypress)

  • Made of Soft and Light Wood
  • Material: Hinoki (Cypress)
  • Hinoki 3045 Bachi: Diameter: 3.0cm (About 1in) / Length: 45cm (About 18in)
  • Hinoki Miyake 3350 Bachi: Diameter: 3.3cm (About 1in) / Length: 50cm (About 20in)
  • Hinoki Odaiko 3654 Bachi: Diameter: 3.6cm (About 1in) / Length: 54cm (About 21in)
  • Hinoki Yatai 314240 Bachi: Diameter (Grip): 3.1cm (About 1in) / Diameter (Top): 4.2cm (About 2in) / Length: 40cm (About 16in)
  • Hinoki Yatai 294038 Bachi: Diameter  (Grip): 2.9cm (About 1in) / Diameter  (Top): 4.0cm (About 2in) / Length: 38cm (About 15in)
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-30 Business Days

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