Chanchiki (Atarigane) with Tassel and Shumoku

Traditional Japanese Gong Adding Metal Sounds To Your Taiko Performance

This instrument is called chanchiki because it makes sounds of chan and chiki. Atarigane is another name for it. It is designed like a bowl. The only difference is that it has a wide rim and a flat bottom. The player holds the back of it with one hand and strikes the bottom and the side of it with a stick called shumoku. The end of the long stick, there is a small hammer with a flat edge. It is made of deer horn. Our chanchiki is made by NOUSAKU CORP in Takaoka city, which is famous for the brass industry. It produces wonderful clear sounds. The back of chanchiki is rustproofed. We make this instrument in 3 sizes, 4sun, 4.5sun, 5sun. Chanchiki you choose should be as big as your palm. A shumoku comes with it. We choose an appropriate shumoku for your chanchiki.

Material: Brass
Diameter (4 sun) 12cm (About 5in)
Diameter (4.5 sun) 13.5cm (About 5in)
Diameter (5 sun) 15cm (About 6in)
Weight (4 sun) About 400g (0.8lb)
Weight (4.5 sun) About 650g (1.4lb)
Weight (5 sun) About 750g (1.6lg)


Order Processing Time: About 2-30 Business Days


Ask a Question
  • Which of the sizes correspond to "atarigane" and "surigane"?

    "Atarigane" and "Surigane" refers to the same instrument. Gong is played by scratching with a beater. To scratch is called "suru" in Japanese. To spend all the money and lose in a lottery is also called "suru". They are completely different words but have same pronounciation. To avoid to associate negative meaning, words "suru" and "suri" are often replaced with the words "ataru" and "atari", which mean to win in a lottery. In a same way, a dried squid is called surume or atarime. 

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