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Chikuzen Biwa

New Biwa Improved With Shamisen Technique

Chikuzen biwa is one of types of biwa. Mousou biwa is the origin of chikuzen biwa and satsuma biwa. It was called chikuzen mousou biwa and played in chikuzen (present Fukuoka prefecture). Removing religiousness from chikuzen mousoubiwa, it became chikuzen biwa. It is relatively smaller than satsuma biwa and familiar with female. Sounds and songs are softer than satsuma biwa. Case and bachi (plectrum) made of Japanese box tree comes with it. It has 4 strings and 5 frets.

Material (Front Body): Paulownia
Material (Back Body): Chinese Quince
Order Processing Time About 30-90 Business Days


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