Chinese Quince Nohkan

Japanese Flute Played In Traditional Performing Arts Like Noh, Kyogen, And Kabuki

Nokan is one of the Japanese flutes. It is used by not only the noh play but also kabuki, yose bayashi ,and gion bayashi. Nohkan has a part called throat. Throat is located between mouthpiece and first finger hole. Because of this throat, the sounds which are unique musical scale unlike Japanese various musical scales, not to mention a Western temperament, and an extremely high-pitched hishigi sound are provided. Nohkan is said that the most expensive flutes in Japanese flutes. It's unclear to find the birth of the nohkan but it is played in noh play, which starts in Muromachi era (1336 ? 1573). Compared to other Japanese flutes that transmitted from old Asian counties, it is relatively new but, nevertheless it is developed to produce unique sounds effected by the taste of the Japanese traditional performing arts. This nohkan is made of Chinese quince. We recommend it people from the beginner to the advanced. A case comes with it.

Material: Chinese Quince
Length: 40cm (About 16in)
Contents: Nohkan
Binding: Thread
Order Processing Time: About 3-21 Business Days


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