Maple Cherry Bark Shakuhachi (Curved End) (Tozan / Kinko)

Custom-made Shakuhachi Specializing in Playing with Ease

Wooden-made shakuhachi has about one second to one third lower price than bamboo-made shakuhachi. Also, the quality is stable and high.

There are difficult sounds to make with usual 5-holes shakuhachi. To add hole (s), players can make these sounds easier by fingering.

Tozan / Kinko School's Blowing Edge Style

Tozan / Kinko Place of Additional Holes

School: Tozan / Kinko
Material: Body: Maple Cherry Bark
Joint (Inner): Cork
Joint (Outer): Stainless Cherry Bark
Painting (Inside): Polyurethane
Root End Shape: Curved
Number of Hole: 5 holes (Option: 6 or 7 holes)
Key: 1.6 shaku: E
1.8 shaku: D
Order Processing Time: About 14-30 Business Days


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