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      Ask a Question
      • would the 1.3 shaku be a good size for a 5'3 woman?

        Yes. No problem. 

      • how does the sound of an Eisa compare to a comparable size Nagado taiko- for example lower or higher, more bass sound?

        Eisa odaiko is made of light wood and doesn't produce deeper sounds than nagado daiko. But, the sounds are best for the eisa performances and with other eisa instruments. 

      • What are the weight of each one of the eisa odaiko sizes?

        Thank you for inquiring. 
        1 shaku is about 4kg. 
        1.3 shaku is about 6kg.
        1.5 shaku is about 8kg. 

      • What are the shipping weight for each eisa daiko sizes?

        Approximately shipping weight 1 shaku: 4.5kg 1.3 shaku: 6.5kg 1.5 shaku: 8.5kg

      • When purhasing 1 shaku red Eisa taiko, does each taiko come with accessories? (Example - the sash to tie the taiko to be able to wear it, the bachi, the case?

        A bachi comes with it. We sell sash separately and don't sell case.