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hitoe (Training Shoes Tabi) (Zebra Pink)

Improve Your Stamina and Foot Muscle for Best Taiko Performance!

Originally, each finger has each function and move differently. General shoes cannot adjust to the fingers and prevent the function that foot originally have. Hitoe is a new training shoes developed by Japanese tabi maker that has 100 years history. They recognized unique movement of tabi shoes that improves the function of fingers and sole. Typical two-fingers shape of tabi makes thumb and index finger of foot easy to move and plant foot firmly as its original function. In addition, it improve the balance during exercise by training the muscle of the sole that is not often used.

  • Made in Kurashiki, Japan
  • Tabi Shaped Training Shoes
  • Breathable and Easy-to-Fit Knit Fabric
  • Simple Design
  • Good-Fitting Last Based on Anatomical Study
  • Flexible Rubber Sole for Making Running Easy
  • Improve Foot Muscles
  • Good for Sports and Exercise
  • Material (Upper): Knit
  • Material (Sole): Rubber
  • Color: Zebra Pink
  • Size: 22.0cm ~ 25.0cm
  • Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days


1. Whole Garment Production

Best fitting for training realized by knitting flexible fabric with three-dimensional way without sewing.

2. Flexibility

Perfect balanced hardness that doesn't prevent the innate ability of foot and muscle of sole. The out sole doesn't have only lightness and durability but also durability.

3. Simple Design

As if one piece of cloth, it wraps foot firmly with stretching upper and sole each other.

4. Best Fitting Based on Anatomical Study

Feel the ground as if you don't put on shoes. The original insole is developed based on anatomical study and knowledge of the Japanese tabi company.


1. Improve Balance Ability

2. Improve Running Ability

3. Strengthen Core of the Body

4. Improve Stability and Control on Exercise

5. Reduce Fatigue

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