Ho 2540 Bachi

Soft And Light Bachi With Standard Size For Nagado Daiko

Ho (Magnolia) is lighter and softer material of bachi. The sound produced is soft. Because the soft bachi damages the skin of taiko less than hard bachi, this bachi can be used not only for nagado daiko but also for hirado daiko and eisa daiko. Thickness is 2.5cm (About 1in) and length is 40cm (About 16in). Weight is about 85g - 120g.

Material: Ho (Magnolia)
Thickness: 2.5cm (About 1in)
Length: 40cm (About 16in)
Weight of One Bachi: About 100g (0.22lb)
Order Processing Time: About 2-30 Business Days


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  • Hola me gustaría saber si ambos extremos tienen el mismo diámetro? Gracias

    Yes. Both ends are same diameter.

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