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Horagai Conch

Shell Flute Played By Mountain Monk

Horagai has been used since old era in Japan. It can go back to Heian period (AD 794 - 1185). In Sengoku period (warring states period), the sound of horagai was used to increase warriors' fighting spirits and direct them as well as taiko. Because horagai is made of shell, thickness, height, and shape are different among each horagai. Some sizes may be unavailable. Please inquire.

Material: Shell: Horagai
Mouthpiece: Chromium
Type: Tendai (sounds "bwoooo bwoooo" with longer Mouthpiece)
Shingon (sounds "bu bu bu" with shorter mouthpiece)
Order Processing Time:
About 7-30 Business Days



Ask a Question
  • Hi Do you currently have horagai conches available in the Tokyo taiko center ? Thabks

    We don't have any horagai conch in stock both in Tokyo and Kyoto. Basically, it's made after customar's order and payment. If you want to purchase, please place an order first. Then, we will ship the item. 

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