Introduction to Gagaku (DVD)

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Learn Japanese Court Music With DVD

Instructional dvd of three major wind instruments in gagaku (Japanese court music). Three major wind instruments are consist of ryuteki, hichiriki, and sho. You can learn how to play these wind instruments. In addition, this includes some famous gagaku pieces such as etenraku, gosyoraku, and bairo.

  • Hichiriki : playing melody of gagaku (about 37 min)
  • Sho : playing gorgeous sounds with a chord (about 35 min)
  • Ryuteki : playing beautiful sounds with various techniques (about 32 min)
  • Ensemble : etenraku, gosyoraku, bairo (about 35 min)

There are almost no gagaku books and dvd in English. So, we recommend you to learn gagaku by this DVD which has detailed explanation of playing methods.

Length: 37 min (Hichiriki)
35 min (Sho)
32 min (Ryuteki)
35 min (ensemble)
Region: Free
Format: NTSC
Audio & Caption: Japanese
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