Kano's Shinobue Selection (Book, CD)

Shinobue Pieces Sellected By Leading Professional Shinobue Player

A collection of famous songs. Yasukazu Kano selectsk ten famous songs for Japanese people. If you play 6 hon choshi Shinobue, this cd & book is highly recommended.

Contents: 1: Nanatsunoko
2: Hotarukoi
3: From the New World the second movement
4: Scarborough Fair
5: Hamabenouta
6: Amazing Grace
7: Nadasousou
8: Mononokehime
9: Yukiwarisou
10: Akatonbo
Genre: Shinobue
Learning Shinobue Pieces
Shinobue used in CD: 7 holes
6 hon choshi (6 flat)
Language: Japanese
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days


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