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Kosaku Don

Learn How The Taiko Sounds By Making Handcraft Kit

  • Contents: 12x Wooden Staves + 2x Cowhides +1x Rope + 1 Pair of Bachi + 1x Instruction Manual
  • Handcrafted Taiko Kit
  • Learn How to Make A Rope-Tightened Taiko 
  • Making Process Includes Softening Cowhides by Soaking in Water, Assembling the Body of Taiko with Glue, Tightening Cowhides with A Rope
  • It Takes More Than A Day to Finish It
  • Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days

How to make Kosaku Don

  1. Soak cowhides in water (about half a day).
  2. Glue the side of wooden staves and assemble the body.
  3. Keep holding with tape or rubber band until the glue dries (about a day).
  4. Dry cowhides with a towel and put them on upper side and lower side of the body (cowhides have a smooth side and a textured side. Smooth side should be put outside).
  5. Pass free end of a rope through a hole of one cowhide from outside to inside. Then, pass it through a hole of another cowhide from outside to inside.
  6. Tighten cowhide firmly and pass free end through all holes of both cowhides.
  7. Re-tighten them by pulling each standing lines of a rope firmly.
  8. Turn a rope around each standing lines.
  9. Knot a rope. Cut the remain or turn it around the body of taiko.

It is hard and dangerous for children to make it by themselves because it needs rope and scissors to make. Adults have to help and prevent them from injury.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Can you please elaborate by specifying the finished dimensions of this product as well as the diameter of the drum skin? Thanks

    Thank you for asking. 
    The finished demensions are about 17 cm (about 7 inch) in diameter and about 20cm (about 8 inch).