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Kotsuzumi Lotus

Taiko Center Original Reasonable Kotsuzumi Made Of Special Polyethylene Film

Tsuzumi is one of the most typical Japanese traditional instruments. It has an hourglass-shaped body and two heads, which are fastened by rope. There are two types of tsuzumi, kotsuzumi (smaller) and otsuzumi (larger). It is used in the famous traditional Japanese performing arts, kabuki and noh. In noh, there are four instruments, nohkan (flute), taiko (drum), otsuzumi (drum) and kotsuzumi (drum). Kotsuzumi plays the role of keeping the rhythm and adjusting the way of chanting, for example, pitch and speed. Kotsuzumi player sets the drum on the left shoulder and strikes it with the fingers of the right hand. It makes soft and high pitch sounds like Po, Pu, Ta, Chi. Why don't you try this traditional Japanese drum? Conventional kotsuzumi is expensive and not familiar to many people. Taiko center has started selling kotsuzumi in order to promote this classic Japanese instrument to many people, especially beginners. Our new kotsuzumi has a body made of resin and heads made of special polyethylene films. The resin body reduces the price. The polyethylene film heads are not sensitive to humidity and air temperature. It takes many years of use before conventional kotsuzumi begin to make Po, Pu, Ta, Chi sounds. On the other hand, new product makes such sounds immediately and it has a reasonable price. The patterns of kotsuzumi: hiten are black lotus. Lotus is often used as the patterns of kotsuzumi. You can select the color of body and koshiki (back of heads).


Material (Body): Resin
Material (Head): Special Polyethylene Film
Order Processing Time: About 30-60 Business Days

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