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Matsuri Hanagasa & Jitou Daiko (DVD)

Straw Hat Dance & Deamon Chasing Taiko

Matsuri hanagasa is a fun and beautiful piece that performers play the taiko and dance with hanagasa straw hat. Hanagasa's bell adds nice taste. We sell hanagasa straw hat, too. Jitou daiko is an energetic piece based on original Jitou daiko which is come down Jitou area in Maizuru city, Kyoto. It is called taiko playing for the departure of the battle with oni (Japanese demon). Mt. Oe is famous for oni history. The rhythm is easy to play. The players play one taiko set on the center of the stage together.

Audio CD: Folk Dance Collection -UTAGE- (CD) *Only Matsuri Hanagasa

Genre: Taiko Piece Featuring the Festival using Hanagasa Hat
Taiko Piece Featuring the Battle Against Oni (Japanese Demon)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 85 min
Region: Free
Format: NTSC
Audio & Caption: Japanese
Order Processing Time: About 2-7 Business Days

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