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Muneate Light

Light And Low Price Muneate

Muneate is an apron-like Japanese cloth used by artisans in Edo period. Japanese traditional clothes like happi coat open its front part, so people wore muneate under them to keep their body warm. In Japanese festival, it is often wore on koikuchi shirts. It became a typical taiko player's costume effected by 50s Japanese film, Muhoumatsu no Issho (The Rickshaw Man). It is also called hara gake and donburi. This muneate has a relatively thinner cloth than other muneate.

  • Made of Cotton
  • Color: Black / Navy / White
  • Size (S): Body Height: 150cm (About 59in) / Chest: 80cm to 85cm (About 31in to About 33in)
  • Size (M): Body Height: 160cm (About 63in) / Chest: 85cm to 90cm (About 33in to About 35in)
  • Size (L): Body Height: 165cm (About 65in) / Chest: 90cm to 95cm (About 35in to About 37in)
  • Size (LL): Body Height: 170cm (About 67in) / Chest: 95cm to 100cm (About 37in to About 39in)
  • Size (3L): Body Height: 175cm (About 69in) / Chest: 100cm to 105cm (About 39in to About 41in)
  • Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Regarding sizing, what is meant by body height and chest size? Will that be the size of the Muneate? Or will that be the size and height of the person wearing it?

    Both sizes are just examples for the person wearing it.