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Nagado Daiko Keyaki

Excellent Taiko Made of Keyaki, Japanese Zelkova Wood

Keyaki Wood

Keyaki (Japanese zelkova) is the best material for the nagado daiko. It has been used for various situations in Japan since a long time ago. Japanese have used it for furniture, taiko body, and also wooden building such as temples and castles because it's easily-worked, hard, and durable.  Especially, nagado daiko with keyaki kurinuki (hollowed-out) body is the excellent quality taiko.

In general, taiko which has a hard wood body reflects more sounds inside the body and keeps the sound reverberation for longer time. It's the reason why the keyaki wood taiko produces the deeper sounds than other taiko does.

In addition, it has a beautiful grain on the body. Keyaki nagado daiko has an overwhelming presence and exudes a great dignity. You could say this is the authentic traditional Japanese taiko. nagado daiko -keyaki- enhances your taiko performance.

  • Excellent Quality: It's made of keyaki (Japanese zelkova) wood, which is the excellent taiko body
  • Excellent Sound: It produces amazingly deep sounds and reverberation
  • Made from One Piece of Wood: It's durable and produces deep sound because it's made by original taiko making method
  • That's Japanese Taiko: Japanese taiko is originally made of keyaki wood and you could say that this is the authentic Japanese taiko drum and the sound
  • Made of Keyaki (Zelkova) Wood
  • Body Type: Kurinuki (Hollowed-out Solid Shell)
  • Skin: Genuine Cowhide
  • Order Processing Time: About 30-60 Business Days


  • 1.3 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 39cm (⌀About 16in) / Height: About 49cm (About 19in)
  • 1.4 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 42cm (⌀About 17in) / Height: About 53cm (About 21in)
  • 1.5 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 45cm (⌀About 18in) / Height: About 56cm (About 22in)
  • 1.6 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 48cm (⌀About 19in) / Height: About 60cm (About 24in)
  • 1.7 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 51cm (⌀About 20in) / Height: About 63cm (About 25in)
  • 1.8 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 54cm (⌀About 21in) / Height: About 68cm (About 27in)
  • 1.9 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 57cm (⌀About 23in) / Height: About 71cm (About 28in)
  • 2 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 60cm (⌀About 24in) / Height: About 75cm (About 30in)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • How much does a 1.6 Nagado Daiko Keyaki weigh, and what would it cost to send to California?

    Taiko is made of natural wood and the weight depends on each item even though it is same product. But, 1.6 Nagado Daiko Keyaki would weigh 20kg to 30kg (about 44lb to 66lb). The most heaviest one for 1.6 Keyaki Nagado Daiko I've ever seen was 30kg. 

    Shipping to California is as follows. 

  • I'm interested in purchasing a drum. I'm assuming the bigger the drum (the height, and width) the deeper the sound? Is this a correct assumption?

    Yes. Bigger drum makes deeper sounds. Hard wood like keyaki (Japanese zelkova) also makes the sound deeper.