Nagado Daiko Neo

Hard & Luxurious Nagado Daiko

Made of hard beech stave shell and luxurious metal decoration. Beech is hard wood and produces deep sounds. We developed this in order to provide good quality taiko to taiko players from all over the world. It has good quality genuine cowhide skins, hard body with beautiful lines called silver grain, which looks like tiger. It also has hard edge which is removable and replaceable. The decorated plate (kan-za) makes it look attractive.

It's lighter than keyaki (zelkova) and easy to carry. This nagado daiko has both good quality and reasonable price (the price is about one third of keyaki made taiko).

Body: Beech Stave Shell
Skin: Genuine Cowhide
Size: 1.3 shaku Head Diameter (A): ⌀About 39cm (⌀About 16in)
Height (B): About 49cm (About 19in)
Weight: About 15kg (About 33lb)
Size: 1.4 shaku Head Diameter (A): ⌀About 42cm (⌀About 17in)
Height (B): About 53cm (About 21in)
Weight: About 18kg (About 40lb)
Size: 1.5 shaku Head Diameter (A): ⌀About 45cm (⌀About 18in)
Height (B): About 56cm (About 22in)
Weight: About 21kg (About 46lb)
Size: 1.6 shaku Head Diameter (A): ⌀About 48cm (⌀About 19in)
Height (B): About 60cm (About 24in)
Weight: About 26kg (About 57lb)
Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days
About 90-120 Business Days (1.8 shaku)

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Category: taiko

Type: Taiko


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  • Hello - could you please tell me the circumference of the 1.5 shaku nagado daiko neo? (including the kan) Thank you

    The circumference of the 1.5 shaku nagado daiko neo is about 180cm (about 71in).

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