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Nagado Daiko Smile Red

Light & Low Price Taiko Drum for Performance & Practice

  • Light: Easy to carry even by weak person (Ex. easy to move it on the stage and set on a tall stand like yagura stand by lifting It up)
  • Low Price: Highly recommended for school and taiko group that have a lot of members and limited budget
  • Hard Edge Part: Hard wood is used on the edge part and it makes the drum edge durable
  • Good Sound Quality: Sound is becoming lower by playing again and again
  • Early Order Discount: Available (Waiting time: 2-3 months)
  • Body: Matsu (Pine)
  • Body Type: Shusei (Stave Shell)
  • Body Color: Red
  • Skin: Genuine Cowhide
  • Plate / Handle: Standard / Metal
  • Order Processing Time (Early Order): About 60-90 Business Days


  • 1.3 shaku: Head Diameter: About 39cm (⌀About 16in) / H: About 49cm (About 19in) / Weight: About 10kg (About 22lb)
  • 1.4 shaku: Head Diameter: About 42cm (⌀About 17in) / H: About 53cm (About 21in) / Weight: About 12kg (About 26lb)
  • 1.5 shaku: Head Diameter: About 45cm (⌀About 18in) / H: About 56cm (About 22in) / Weight: About 14kg (About 31lb)
  • 1.6 shaku: Head Diameter: About 48cm (⌀About 19in) / H: About 60cm (About 24in) / Weight: About 16kg (About 35lb)
  • 1.7 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 51cm (⌀About 20in)
  • 1.8 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 54cm (⌀About 21in)
  • 1.9 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 57cm (⌀About 22in)
  • 2 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 60cm (⌀About 24in)

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