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Miyake & Yatai Stand

Compact Durable Light Weight For 2 Popular Playing Styles
Compact Hard & Durable Light Weight For 2 Popular Styles


Stand For Multiple Taiko Playing Styles

Leaving two boards and let them set taiko horizontally, it is miyake style use. Removing one board and let another board to set taiko tilted, it is yatai style use. Also, it can be used for the beta style if the tilt is close to upright. It is so useful in many ways and there should be one in every taiko groups and individual prayers. 

Speedy taiko setting is important for the stage performance. So new miyake & yatai stand is very light, it's easy to carry. Also, it's very compact and possible to store in a neat way. Please use the carbon box to store it. Light and compact stand will reduce the waste time and have your audiences more focused on the performance. 

Don't you think you would like to play these playing styles with your full power? The conventional stand sometimes moves when the player hits the drums strongly. At the bottom of the stand, there are four rubbers that prevent from the slip. So, don't care about the slip.

  • Extremely Useful Nagado Stand
  • For 2 Playing Styles: Miyake Style & Yatai Style
  • Speedy Setting
  • Very Light
  • Easy to Carry
  • Compact
  • Slip Resistant
  • Made of Buna (Beech)
  • Contents: 1x Base + 2x Board + 1x Stopper for Yatai Style + 4x Bolt & Nut
  • For 1.3-1.6 shaku: A: 20cm (About 8in) / B: 30cm (About 12in) / C: 55cm (About 22in) / D: 4cm (About 1.5in) / Weight: About 4kg (About 9lb)
  • Taiko is Sold Separately
  • Product Image: Miyake Yatai Stand & 1.5 shaku Nagado Daiko & 175cm Tall Man
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days

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