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Oak Hyoshigi

Popular Japanese Wooden Clapper

Hyoshigi is a popular Japanese instrument and often used in festivals, traditional performing arts and sumo wrestling. It's cracking sound makes the opening of taiko performance special. There's no right playing style but people often hit hyoshigi in front of their belly button and breast. This hyoshigi is made of kashi (oak), a hard wood. Kashi hyoshigi is the most popular type. It reminds people of the beginning of the event like when it is played in the beginning of the sumo match. Or, it makes people pay attention to something like beware of fire. The length is 27cm (About 11in) and thickness is about 4cm (About 2in). The weight is about 600g (1.3lb). String which connect hyoshigi comes with it.

Material: Oak
Length 27cm (About 11in)
Thickness About 4cm (About 2in)
Width About 3cm (About 1in)
Weight About 600g (1.3lb)
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days


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